Harness creative energy and support young inspirational thinking. 

Silent Crowd is an urban outdoor brand based in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded in 2011 and is continuously growing. Their mission is to inspire people, explore the world, communicate with others, and spread good vibes. Nancy Crowd, the founder of Silent Crowd, designed the logo when she was 17 years old as a signature for all of her artwork and projects. The signature not only includes Nancy's first initial, but also was designed to represent multiple meanings across multiple languages. In Japanese and Chinese, the logo is a stylized character meaning power and strength. In Hebrew, the logo is a stylized character for life. The name “Silent Crowd” signifies a crowd of people coming together silently. The name serves to represent the company's goal of bringing together people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and races. The brand hopes to engender a movement that unifies various people with diverse backgrounds and inspires creative thinking and original thought. With a commitment to value, quality, and dope products, Silent Crowd is focused on sparking a new wave of positive energy.